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Adam SPN1
Height 102 meters
Weight 61,000 tons
Gender Male
Title Scourge of Humanity
Combat Style
Primary Attacks Triple Head Assault
Secondary Attacks Mecha Tail-Strikes
Primary Weapon Atom Laser
Secondary Weapon Fiery Eruption
Energy Style


ADAM is a computer program turned virus, released onto the internet with the goal to gather data. One of its attacks was an early on developed AI program, and as it stole its data, the virus itself started to learn as it continue to absorb more info from the internet. As it continued to grow from the near limitless of data, "Adam" had learn the horrors of mankind and their effects it does to other humans (his own creation is proof of this). In order to purge this world of what he fancies to be a "virus" he decided to destroy them all with their own creation, using many electronic devices. He created himself a large "Kaiju" body, and in representation of a time without humans, he used dinosaurs as his main motiff: being from tyrannosaurs to triceratops to brachiosaurs to etc. His current final form(current) is a metal-plated dinosaur chimera.

Energy SystemEdit


Ranged CombatEdit




Melee CombatEdit




Card StatisticsEdit

Card TextEdit

  • TBA

Combat AbilityEdit

Animation GuidelinesEdit

  • Adam may play 2 cards during the second attack each round.


  • Teeth - Wings - Shield - Tail


Damage Type(s)Edit


Ferocity: 5
Agility: 4
Power: 4
Fortitude: 4

Release InformationEdit

Was released as 1 out of 50 monsters in the First Sponsorship Series.
Card was released 07/09/2013.


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Adam SPN1

Illus. Franky B. Washington