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Akaoni's official canon origin is essentially what is described in the character sheet above. It explains (in a nutshell) his first appearence. "A giant beast that was found floating unconscious among rubble in the Pacific after a recent earthquake and tsunami. He was brought back to Tokyo Bay where he awoke and preceded to rampage the city. The media dubbed him "The Red Devil", Akaoni." The world has yet to find evidence of what he really is or where he's from. It's speculated that he may be a primitive beast that inspired the archetype red oni in Japanese folklore.

Akaoni's role within "A Storm is Brewing" is an alternate take of the character, similar to Godzilla in Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack.

Combat/Playstyle/Strategy: His play style is close range because he assentially lacks a long range attack. He answers that problem with a giant leap to reach his opponent quickly, to engage in melee or one of his specials, like the Thunderclap that knocks back opponents within a certain radius of him(which is kind of a give or take playstyle). He needs to be close, but his specials knock his opponents back, forcing him to need to make up ground quickly to continue an offense. On the other hand it's great for defense when he's being overwhelmed by one or more Kaiju, knocking them back to buy time or turn the tables.

Trading Card GameEdit

Illus. Franky B. Washington
Title The Red Devil of Tokyo
Card Series Sponsorship Series 1
Set No. 2
Height 99 Meters
Weight 51,000 Tons
Gender Male


Rending Claws


Wild Bite


Seismic Howl


Electrical Storm
Affiliations Unknown

Card TextEdit


Combat AbilityEdit

Akaoni adds 1 to the MOVE value of his CHAIN attacks.


Teeth - Claws


Ferosity: 4
Agillity: 6
Power: 3
Fortitude: 3

Releas InformationEdit

Was released as 1 out of 50 monsters in the First Sponsorship Series.
Card was released 07/09/2013.


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