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Ally the Allosaurus Height: 80 meters Weight: 30,000 tons Gender: Female Combat style: ? Primary Attacks: ? Secondary Attacks: ? Primary Weapons: ? Secondary Weapons: ? Energy style: ?


The world's most beloved television dinosaur star brought to life as a rampaging giant monster.


Ally the Allosaurus has been on TV for almost fifteen years. She was the most popular children's show of all time. A small group of spoiled young kids went to visit the set of Ally the Allosaurus and were disappointed when they found out Ally wasn't a really dinosaur! How could their parents lie to them like this! Shocked and filled with anger the kids threw fits. The children were furious, they wanted nothing more than for Ally to be a real dinosaur.

The children snuck into the main dressing room where the Ally suit was. The mad children began channeling their anger and focusing on the Ally suit. They danced and chanted Ally! Ally! Ally! They did this for an hour before adults came in and broke it all up.

That evening a strange thing happened. Massive storms brewed and caused power failures everywhere. The main studio were Ally the Allosaurus was filmed caught on fire. Early in the morning, as the sun rose, a giant raging dinosaur arose from the burning studio! It was Ally the Allosaurus, ALIVE! And 80 meters tall.

The children's wishes became realtiy, but instead of being a loving caring soft dinosaur. Ally was full of rage, hate, and vengeance! Ally then began her march of destruction on the world.

Energy: ?

Ranged: ?

Grappling: ?

Melee: ?

Weakness: ?

Ferocity: 6 Agility: 1 Power: 5 Fortitude: 2 Strength: 5 Weight: 5

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