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Length: 94 Meters long Weight: 47,000 Gender: Male Primary Attacks: Teeth, Claws, Tail whipping Secondary Attacks: Using it's large Metallic Nails on it's right arm, Primary Weapon: Summoning Sandstorms Secondary Weapons: Digging, Spinning around, causing a gigantic Dustdevil. Energy Style: Fury

Overview: Aluphox was said to be a large Cobra like creature with the ability to dig, and uses it's large metallic looking claw on it's right arm. According to Egyptian legend, it has also gained the ability to speak through telepathy.

Origin: Back in Egypt 4,000 years ago, Egyptians worshipped many gods and goddesses. But one such God that they feared to trend was Lord Aluphox. He was once a fierce king who said that he had enough to challenge even the gods, due to the fact that he rules with an Iron fist. One day, however, the king was assassinated by his son, Prince Overon, who was tired of his father being cruel to his people. Before he died, he said that he will reek his vengeance across the land. After he died, the people soon took the Aluphox statue and placed in the heart of Egypt, never to be seen again. But many generations later, tourists began to explore the pyramids which were around the statue, causing the king to not only come back, but he was also reincarnated as a Giant humanoid Cobra. He soon started to terrorize the civilians and the tourists and devoured them alive. He now roams around the world, seeking for the family of his son so that he can wipe them out. Not only that, but he also wants to challenge the Almighty one, and rule with an Iron fist, as he did once before.

Energy System: He has the ability to blast out a wind tunnel of sand that either blinds his enemies, or blows them away in another direction. His most devastating attack is when he actually shoots his metallic nails on his right arm like missiles, but come back like boomerangs.

Melee Combat: Though he doesn't have legs, he is incredibly fast, as well as intelligent. He can predict his enemy's next move, maybe just avoid it before it strikes. He also has the ability to summon multiple sandstorms and create smaller versions of himself so he can outnumber his enemy.

Grappling: He coils around his enemy, squeezing them in the process. If that fails, he'll uncoil and trip them over his tail. He can also grab his by summoning a large hand made entirely of sand, and unleash multiple combos.

Weakness: Despite being powerful, he doesn't do well in the cold. When facing a Ice Kaiju, he insteads retreats to another location that's far from the enemy's destination. or when exploring in the cold, he barely attacks and makes himself open for frostbite, and other monsters.



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