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The Ancient Egyptian Devourer of Souls

Height: 100 meters

Weight: 50,000 metric tons

Female demon Overview: Ammit lives near the scales of justice in Duat.Your foe better not cheat because she will eat his heart out. Origin: Ammit is the "pet" of Osiris, the Egyptian god of the dead. If one's heart is unworthy of paradise, then it is fed to Ammit where then the person would cease to exist. It is the Day of Judgment and Osiris has released her to torture the people of earth who forgot about the Ancient Egyptian Faith until their trial. Energy System: Ammit bite the heart of the foe and the foe freezes for some time, But Ammit cannot attack her foe when the foe is frozen because she is too busy enjoying the foes soul. Ranged Combat: Ammit is not good in this field but she can exhale souls that makes the foe does some damage, but after to much soul the foe gets frozen (btw it is not frozen as in ice) Grappling: Ammit jumps on to the foe (like a dog) but she continues to eats the soul of the foe...then she escapes into the duat and teleports to the other side of the map. Melee Combat: crocodile bite. lion claw hit. back kick hippo stomp. Weakness: Ammit does not work well during the day, she is slower and cannot move through the duat (teleport) when she wills. Ferocity: 3 Agility: 6 power: 3 fortitude:4 strength: 8 weight: 3