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Height: 136 meters Weight: 70,000 metric tons Gender: Male Combat Style: Ranged Primary Attacks: Deep bites, razor sharp teeth hard enough to crush bone Secondary Attacks: claws that can slice trees like scissors and paper Primary Weapon: Eye blast Secondary Weapon: Tree shots Energy Style: Photosynthesis

Origin: Anacondrian was the largest animal in the amazon. He lives by the Amazon river and always used the river near him to soak up hydration. Having been worshiped as an ancient king by the Incas he is a major symbol and can be seen deep in the amazon as very faint Inca lines. However he isn't the Inca lines he is really an organism as you may know. About the time Spanish conquistedors entered the area he burrowed into the ground. Using the plants all along his back he blends in with the ground as well as uses photosynthesis to convert the surroundings to energy he does also have a digestive system he just can go without eating a long time due to this aspect. Now having been woken up by other Aztec monsters he roams the Amazon guarding it with his life.

Energy System: He uses Photosynthesis because he has plants all along his back. They provide the energy for his attacks. Ranged Combat: Anacondrian has an eyeblast colored green. It is powerful enough to do a lot of damage. The tree blast is when he shoots trees from his back at an opponent then grows new ones in their place. Grappling: Using his crocodile mouth he grabs the enemy flies into the air with his bat wings then drops then enemy down to the ground as well as then landing directly on them. Melee Combat: His bite contains teeth razor sharp and can crush bone however they cant break through certain armors so the effect on the enemy is always pending. The claws are just about the equivilent of a paper cut with lemon juice on it to kaiju. Yes it hurts that much :D Weaknesses: He is not very effective at short range. At short range he can easily be overpowered too.

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