Height 70 meters
Weight 20,000 metric tons
Gender Male
Combat Style Melee
Primary Attacks Claws, teeth
Secondary Attacks Back claws
Primary Weapon Hunting fury
Secondary Weapon Sunshone burning
Energy Style stamina


Apollo is God of the sun and hunting. He can take on the form of any animal, in this case a giant fox.


Zeus and a woman named Leto were about to have a child when Hera found out. She killed the mother after birth and attempted to kill the young Apollo but failed when Zeus hid him to be taken care of by the Nymphs. Years later he started to hunt animals. Eventually he went to Olympus to become god of the sun.

Energy SystemEdit

His energy regenerates over time at a medium rate.

Ranged combatEdit

Apollo when using Hunting Fury will start to glow redish orange like the sun and start to gain strangth. He does twice as much damage in all of his melee attacks in this state. Sunshone burning is when Apollo's eyes glow red when he stands on his hind legs and raises his arms. He then slams his arms to the ground in the direction of the opponent and a huge ray of sunlight will hit the enemy and do 3/4 the damage of the Hunting fury.


He can only grab with his mouth as his front hands are paws in this form. He will grab the opponent and start shaking them in his mouth and then drop them.


His teeth and claws do lots of damage to the enemy. They are lethal on animals and smaller kaiju but do less damage on larger kaiju.


Apollo is weak against water, the cold, and dark forces

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