Height: 80 Meters

Weight: 30,000 Metric Tons

Gender: Female

Combat Style: Speed/Range

Primary Attacks: Front Slash, Web Blast, Web Pull

Secondary Attacks: Web Whip, Fast Slash

Primary Weapon: Eight Legs

Secondary Weapon: Webbing

Energy: Silk


Imagine a giant Godzilla sized purple spider with a blood sucking addiction, yeah, freakin scary. Arachattack likes to see her enemies as Prey, setting traps and chewing away them piece by piece.


Arachattack was created by a poor Science nerd's misfortunate bite by a Radioactive mishap. While at a science expo for Arachnids and their non-present and fictitious radioactive given gifts, Penny Parker was bitten by a huge and purple & black tarantula. Rushed to the hospital, she began to transform into, what newscasters called, Arachattack. Leaving her hospital bed, wrapping her doctors and nurses in thick silk, and growing to a massive size of over 240 feet high.

Energy SystemEdit

Arachattack's Energy mostly originates from her Spinnerets, after prolonged use of webbing enemies or creating traps on buildings and streets, she'll need to wait until it refuels. She can regain both Health and Energy from draining the life from her enemies while trapped by her silk.

Ranged CombatEdit

With use of four legs to hold her up and four to weave her threads, Arachattack can launch a web line to ensnare her enemies and to either slowly pull them over, or throw them around the arena. She can also fire a ball of Silk that can tightly wrap Targets, knocking them on the floor; allowing her to Grapple and drain the life of her victim. She can also spit a toxic acid that eats away at health slowly but wears off within seconds. Her traps are huge masses of webbing that tie up all walking/crawling enemies. They can be placed anywhere, on buildings, streets, metal floors, trees, just not water.


Arachattack is unable to hold up enemies, so she's forced to crawl around on their bodies and attack with her legs and fangs to induce pain and absorb health. Using her webs, she can also immobilize her victims while grappling onto them, making sure that they struggle less as she steals their health and energy.

Melee CombatEdit

With her eight fast legs, Arachattack revolves around her target and evades their swipes and lunges. She's hard to catch, and she can deal away with health quickly. Not only that, she can crawl over buildings and obstacles in her way (even enemies).


She's very prone to temperature based attacks, basically Ice and Heat alike. Her webs burn away on Fire characters and she can't crawl on Ice characters. Plus, she cannot fire her webs or place traps, when submerged in water.

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