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Azrael (Evo)
Evo Azrael SPN3
Height 112m
Weight 55,000 tons
Gender Male
Title Arbiter of the Gate
Combat Style
Primary Attacks Wing Crush
Secondary Attacks Physical Combat
Primary Weapon Soul Siphon
Secondary Weapon Wraith Swarm
Energy Style Elemental Affinity:Mystic


Azrael's affinity with the recently deceased has transcended the limits of physical space - giving him access to all the would in transition to and from the physical plane. The immensity of this power has overwhelmed Azrael's ability to focus on the material world - he is now completely absorbed by happenings in realms we cannot perceive or understand.

Azrael's body, however, continues to exist in the physical world, and the energies it now channels cannot help but attract the attention of powerful forces.

Combat StyleEdit

Should Azrael be forced to break his concentration in order to fight in the physical realm, his opponents will discover that Azrael now channels unearthly energies - granting him speed, anticipation, and power that cannot be explained in rational or scientific terms. The sounds of the dead keep Azrael infused with limitless power.

Card AbilityEdit

+2 Damage and Ranged with Wing attacks. At the start of each turn, draw a random card from one opponent of your choice.


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