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Name: Bakijura

Height: 70m

Weight: 80,000 tons

Combat Style: Charging

Primary attacks: Bite, Tail Whip

Secondary attacks: Head charge

Primary weapon: Predatorial charge

Secondary weapon: Ectoplasmic form

Gender: Male

Energy style: Elemental affinity (Life Energy)

Overview: Bakijura is the ghost of an ancient carnivorous whale who causes shipwrecks around the coast of Japan. Since being a ghost, Bakijura can pass through solid materials at will, such as enemy attacks and the ground, but at the cost of energy. Simply being around enemies gives him energy because he feeds off life energy.

Origin: There was once a greedy Japanese fisherman named Osaka Tsuko who was famous in Japan for his great skill of catching fish of all types. One day, Osaka overhead two fisher men's conversation. They were talking about a legendary whale as old as time itself called the Bakijura. They said that whoever caught it would be showered in riches. That was all Osaka needed to hear before he joined his crew and set off to catch the whale. They thought he was mad, but Osaka was still determined. After hours of searching, they had found nothing, but Osaka saw something flicker in the corner of his eye. Completely shocked, he saw the whale clear as day, but it was much smaller than he imagined. He ran to get the harpoon and shot the whale in it's back. The whale was pulled on board the boat and Osaka and his crew rode to the shore. They knew they were going to be rich, but what they didn't know was the whale's soul had made a body for itself, much more bigger and more powerful than his original body, and he was out for vengeance. Osaka and his crew went out to sea again to celebrate their success, but when they went 100m away from the shore, Bakijura dived underneath the boat in order it devour it. He swam upwards with great force and crushed the boat with his jaws, with Osaka and his unfortunate crew swimming with the fishes. The legendary Bakijura was never seen since, but is destined to strike again...

Melee combat: Bakijura uses his sheer size and speed to bash enemies, and can even dive into the ground and attack from below similar to a shark attack.

Ranged combat: Bakijura has limited ranged attacks, but his ectoplasmic form makes all opponents he goes near get paralysed by spectral electricity that surrounds him. He mostly uses charges instead of ranged attacks.

Grappling: Bakijura has limited grappling capability but can cause damage even if he loses the grapple because he uses his jaws to grab enemies.

Energy style: Being around enemies gives Bakijura energy.

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