Art request kaiju basan the space goose by quinn red-d6jih2w

Basan, the Space Monster

Height: 89 meters

Weight: 40,000 tons

Gender: Male

Combat Style: Melee  

Primary Attacks: Bite, Claws, Peck

Secondary Attacks: Slash, Headbutt, Tackle

Primary Weapons: Cosmic Fire Ball

Secondary Weapons: Cosmic Firebreath

Energy Style: Hunger


Basan is a giant alien goose from a galaxy far away.
He has teal fur, antenna on top of his head, and red fin-like ears that flap when he's angry.


From the farthest reaches of space comes a planet, home the alien Basan, the galactic goose. Worshiped by an alien race of invaders who conquer other planets and feed the inhabitants to their goose god.
Now Basan has turned his yellow eyes on the planet Earth, will humanity ward off these invaders, or will they get devoured by the galactic goose?

Melee CombatEdit

Basan prefers claw to claw combat, using his claws to slash enemies, but often he just likes to nip opponents!
He will also swing his head into the enemies to deliver powerful blows that send foes to the ground.


Basan isn't to keen on grappling attacks, so more than anything, once he gets an enemy in his claws, he just slings them to the ground.

Ranged CombatEdit

Basan's ranged attacks are pyro based.
He has the ability to manipulate cosmic fire balls and can breath a strange blue blast of fire.


Although Basan deals in ranged fire attacks, he's not a big fan of getting his goose cooked, and Basan is weak to electrical attacks as well.

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