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Height: 92 meters(76 in attack mode)

Weight: 54,000 metric tons

Gender: Male

Combat Style: Melee

Primary Attacks: Destroyed childhood Claw, Disastrous spin.

Secondary Attacks: Monstrous bear hug

Primary Weapon: Laser eye

Secondary Weapon: Rope of pain

Energy Style: Recharge


Beast hugger is a terrifying and monstrous kaiju toy is a giant teddy bear, made up a bunch of machines, that feeds energetic device you have in the bun.


A toy company of a town in Kansas, had made ​​a deal with a factory robots, to try to create the perfect toy for children, it was a robotic teddy bear that not only could be a toy, if not also a little robot servant and friend, after many trials, the first of which was a success.

For days the little teddy worked as an assistant in the company and in the factory, was very loyal, but like all machines, he realized that he can do more to work with humans, and his brain began to fail and took a hatred of all living things and decided to take control, many workers had attacked until they locked him to stop causing chaos.

But it was no good, because that bear was placed a device that increased size and one terrifying machinery turned weapon to kill, escaped from his prison and up to now loose in the world to deliver "Love" all that is crosses him, now known as "Beast hugger".

Energy System:

Beast hugger health regenerates, recharging your device by having the bun.

Ranged Combat:

Beast hugger can attack from a distance with his eye laser firing.


Beast hugger can catch his opponent with his rope like a rodeo rope, and then squeeze it with their spikes.

Melee Combat:

Beast hugger can attack in close combat with his right mechanical claw (Although sometimes the left). You can also bend your legs (as shown in the picture) to rotate your upper body to attack with twists.


Hugger Beast's legs are quite heavy, so it will cost to run fast and dodge attacks.

Animation Guidelines:

Personality: Beast Hugger is quite serious as cruel, always wanting to ruin the childhood many children. Combat Focus: When Beast Hugger can not go faster, he prefers to keep attacking his enemy. Special Considerations: Hugger Beast sounds exactly like Grizzly Bear, but sometimes sounds mechanized voice screaming "I hate you ..!"

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