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Height: 80 meters

Weight: 30,000 metric tons

Gender: Female

Combat Style: Melee

Primary Attacks: Spear of Light

Secondary Attacks: Fists, Kicks

Primary Weapon: Celestial Bow

Secondary Weapon: Seal of Righteousness

Energy Style: Meditation


Bellatrix is a celestial being summoned forth to fight for the suffering. She uses equipment formed from light to punish the wicked.


The answer of a prayer from a child beneath the rubble? To head to the cry of a world in need of a savior? Whatever the reason Bellatrix descends to fight, to liberate, and to judge.

Energy System: She has to pause and recharge her celestial energy from a beam that comes from another dimension. Her seal of Righteousness will transfer enemy weapon attacks into usable energy.

Ranged Combat: Her celestial bow is extremely powerful, but somewhat easy to dodge. She depends on pin-point accuracy and good timing to land her powerful weapon attacks.

Grappling: She has average strength. Her lighter weight makes her want to avoid most grappling situations.

Melee Combat: Her spear of light allows her to attack effectively at a medium range. She is able to quickly dish out attacks from this range as well, but she is not as well adapted for close range situations. She uses her quick movements and flight to get herself within a desired combat range.

Weaknesses: Not a very effective close-range fighter, she can also find herself being overwhelmed at a long range. She needs to stay at a medium range to stay effective, which is easy, but if her movement is ever slowed down she can be in trouble. She also depends heavily on her high amount of defense cells due to her low amount of health.

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