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Berserker Shadow King Beast
Berserker Shadow King Beast

Berserker Shadow Beast

Height: 100 or 150 meters

Weight: 15,000 Metric Tons

Gender: Male

Combat Style: Claws and Wings

Primary Attacks: Claw sword

Secondary Attacks: Bites, Fly, Dig, Swim

Primary Weapon: Cyber weapons (Transformers Movies)

Secondary Weapon: Atomic Laser breath (Red Color)

Energy Style: Azure Grimoire (Blazblue)


Dark Nightmare Villain's Shadow from a world of Shadow.


Berserker Shadow King Beast(BSKB) live a would of Shadows wheres there no Day only night Night and Darkness...

A few Years a VillainCon Call Uno King of the Villains Created BSKB he use him to conquer the world and will use the power Evil but he must stop the hero aka Bruno Lin and they will have the from of the great great ancestors... −

Energy SystemEdit

− Berserker Shadow King Beast's energy is from the Azure Grimoire, power of Darkness, Black Fire, and Dark Energon (from Transformers). He uses these powers to hunt enemies of Pray or Stronger enemies.He can only eat or kill Good or Hero Kaiju.  − −

Ranged CombatEdit

− In Ranged Combat Berserker Shadow King Beast can fight fast but if he really wants to, he can go faster. He only does in night time or his would. He can spite acid on the enemies. He can hide by turning invisible. He can also use it to heal or attack enemies. Berserker Shadow King Beast Wings can air attack or carry his enemies and drop them to the ground.


Berserker Shadow King Beast carry he's enemies to the Air and drop it the ground.when he holding he's Enemies he can also use he's weapons by shooting he's Enemies.He Can Also Turn Invisible Grab he's Enemies and Stab Them With His Blades.

Melee CombatEdit

In melee Berserker Shadow King Beast can use weapons like swords, Plasma Guns, his Claws, His Tail, His Spikes, His Jaws, Blades, and Air Attack




Theme SongEdit

Red Vs Blue OST Version - Red vs Blue Revelation Soundtrack

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