Kickstarter Status: Failed

Big Angry Monsters is a board game in development by Anthony Carillo and in collaboration with Sunstone games in having stretch goals including two of the monsters from the roster. The game's synopsis from the kickstarter is this;


"A board game where players assume the roles of Giant Monsters in an attempt to be the last Monster standing by destroying each other and the Island of Nacob in the process.

Players begin the game in or around the Island of Nacob, Monsters will then duke it out with a "press your luck" dice rolling mechanic where Monsters can take each other down, destroy buildings, do super moves and gain power to buy crazy upgrades and effects in order to be the last one standing.

Big Angry Monsters will comfortably seat 2-8+ players and take as little as 30 minutes to an hour to play."


The confirmed monsters that will appear include the following;

Set UpEdit

First the players roll the dice to go first. Then they all the players flip board tiles in clockwise from the first player. Now the players put their monsters on the board.


The monster roam around until they are in adgacent squares. Players play cards and try to win the battles.

External LinksEdit


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