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Height 110 meters
Weight 75,000 metric tons
Gender Male
Title Adolescent Kaiju Hero
Combat Style Melee, grappling, and ranged
Primary Attacks Strong Punches
Secondary Attacks Claw swipe, charge
Primary Weapon Organic rockets
Secondary Weapon Blue acid breath and/or blue fire.
Energy Style Elemental affinity (Ice/water)


A child named Robert was bullied everyday due to his family history. One day, the bullies made the final move. As Robert walked home he was attacked, knocked out, and dragged to a nearby abandoned mineshaft and thrown down. Unbeknown to the bully’s it was filled with dumped chemicals and coolant

That had horrible effect on the human skin. It has been two months since that unholy afternoon. A large crash on the turn pike spattered gasoline all over the place. Without warning a large figure appears from the nearby woods shocks the authorities and drew their weapons. In a deep voice it boomed, “I will cause no harm.” As the creature picked up the crushed car. The creature gently took out the injured driver and sets him in front of the ambulance. As fast as he appeared he was gone. Not until the night super storm Sandy hit there was a explosion and the giant was thrown forth into the eye of the storm.


Plague type attacks. And as a added bonus he can fly using the rocket pods on his back to provide lift.

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