Black Crystal
Black Crystal13
Height 110 meters
Weight 70,000 tons
Gender Female
Title The Crystal Flue
Combat Style Long ranged crystal attacks
Primary Attacks Crystal breathe, claws, crystal animation, crystal energy, summersaults
Secondary Attacks Small lightning shocks, earth quakes, minor crystal storm
Primary Weapon Claws, breathe, crystal animation, back crystals, tail crystal
Secondary Weapon Foot claws, teeth
Energy Style Crystal and shadow


Black Crystal is a monster that was mutated by the Crystal Incursion in 2012. She has black crystals on her back. She is not very strong in close combat though has a large tail that she uses. Black Crystal mainly uses her crystals that sprout from the ground and her crystal breathe. Despite her weak close combat system, she does have a large rolling attack (uses too much energy), claws (short reach), and a kick (pushes her enemies farther away).


In 2012 black crystals spawned across Egypt. The same researchers who created Raveger by mistake analyzed the black crystals. The crystals grew larger each day appearing to be alive. They found out the crystals were radiating signals. After enough research they came up with the theory that they were attracting certain creatures to them. One day a skyscraper sized crystal was surging with purple energy and a red penguin, a purple salamander, and a pink bearded dragon were crawling on it. No one knows how they got on the crystal but they were those strange colors because radiation from nuclear plants going off. The hole thing is very confusing and no one knows anything aside from that. But for some reason they all fused with the one crystal which became a large bird with thick building sized crystals on it's back. It also had runes so this thing has a spiritual purpose somehow. The eyes glowed light blue and it is apparently in pain. Black Crystal knows her purpose in life is to find who made the crystal incursion and end them, but who could it be?


She can grab another monsters with her arms and can throw one of three ways. One is a simple throw. Another is throwing her up into the air, letting them fall into her crystal back, blowing up the crystals on her back to three times their size and vibrates them like a chainsaw under the opponent until they fall off. Another way is throwing the opponent up into the air and blasts crystals from her tail at the opponent.

Melee CombatEdit

Claw strikes, tail strikes, crystal summer salt, kicks, head butts.


Other crystals animated that are not owned by Black Crystal can disrupt the signals created by her signals. Black Crystal has a terrible reach in grappling.


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