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Height: 109 meters

Weight: 90,000 metric tons

Gender: Male

Combat Style: Melee

Primary Attacks: Scratching, Biting

Secondary Attacks: Stomping, Knee Strikes

Primary Weapon: Powedered Glass breath (that's right he breathes fine shards of powdered glass like a dragon does with fire, and at high speeds)

Secondary Weapon: Bolts from the Blue

Energy Style:

Origin: Many tall tales have been woven about Brang. Brang is the result of restless souls of faerie, trolls, ogres, and other magical races of ancient times fusing together to create an uncalmable beast of stoic destruction. It is said that Brang is so rancid that mold, algae, mushrooms and other fungi grow underneath it's unkempt shaggy hair. It it also said that a bunch of goblin tribes have made home inside his seemingly endless locks. The creature is so foul that random bolts of lightning shoot out from his body and he has the ability to breathe out a gust of glass. Brang typically only comes out during the times of sunrise and sunset, but he is becoming increasingly restless with the massive increase of Kaiju activity. Being a mixture of good and bad magical spirits turned into corporeal form, he is true neutral, but his task is still subjectively evil (which is to wipe out all the great cities and achievements of the non-magical world.

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