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Evo card front
Title Levitating Superweapon
Card Series SPN5
Set No. 43
Height 65m
Weight 53,000 tons
Gender Female


Forearm Smash




Echo-Demolition Device


Affiliations Human Ally, Cyborg, Hunter

History Edit

When Brunnhilde's legs were damaged beyond repair, her German support team synthesized maneuver jets and turned her into a hovercraft kaiju. This turned her into an effective fighting weapon once again, but she lost her ability to act autonomously, since she is now reliant on her support team for fuel & regular repairs.

In her legless state, Brunnhilde can accelerate even faster, corner & turn better, and ram opponents harder.

Combat Style Edit

Brunnhilde's gliding support system gives her strong charge potential. Her echo-location causes ranged damge and also helps to support her navigational routines. Her android arms now have blades attached.

Card Ability Edit

-1 Damage with Kick attacks. Charge attacks gain Combo and deal +2 damage.

Stats Edit

Ferocity: ooooo---
Agility: ooooooo-
Power: ooo-----
Fortitude: ooooo---

Attack Types Edit

  • Claws
  • Teeth
  • Horn
  • Wings

Damage Types Edit

External Links Edit

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