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Card front
Title German Android Superweapon
Card Series SPN4
Set No. 05
Height 90m
Weight 63,000 tons
Gender Female


Forearm Smash




Echo-Demolition Device


Affiliations Human Ally, Cyborg, Hunter

History Edit

Brunnhilde is an android - synthetic muscle & skin over an autonomous computer-controlled metal core. Originally built by a single German firm under the direction of Marlene Backer, Brunnhilde was so very successful at anti-kaiju engagements that the German government demanded that she be handed over.

But Brunnhilde, acting on her own, fled her holding area to continue her fight autonomously, rather than be at the beck and call of a bureaucratic system.

Combat Style Edit

Brunnhilde runs like a centaur - charging her enemies down while swinging her upper arms like clubs. She senses her foes via echolocation, and can focus this sonic system into a short-range ear-splitting weapon.

Card Ability Edit

May Combo after playing any Charge attacks.

Stats Edit

Ferocity: oooo----
Agility: oooooo--
Power: ooo-----
Fortitude: ooooo---

Attack Types Edit

  • Teeth
  • Horn

Damage Types Edit

Other Articles Edit

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