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Height: 110 Meters Weight: 80,000 tons Combat Style: Melee Primary Attack: Claws, Biting Secondary Attack: Charge, Tail Primary Weapon: Sonic Attack Secondary Weapon: Pressurized Water Blast, Burrowing Energy Style: Stamina

Overview: Cacocetus (Basilosaurus cristalis) is a mutated Basilosaurus that has just recently emerged due to seismic activity in the Pacific caused by the warring kaiju.

Origin: Cacocetus was a maturing Basilosaurus calf that accidently ingested a small meteorite containing the recombinant DNA of a long extinct race from a distant star. As the mutations began to take hold, Cacocetus sought refuge in a cave which was sealed by an earthquake, trapping the young Basilosaurus. Not wanting its new host to die, the rDNA sent Cacocetus into a catatonic state while it continued reshaping its body to both its host's and its own needs, waiting for the day when it would be able to awaken.

Energy System: Cacocetus uses varying degrees of sonic based attacks, from an ear-piercing shriek that destroys glass and sends objects and kaiju flying back to concentrated sonic "beams" that act almost like lasers.

Ranged Combat: Cacocetus will throw cars, trees and any other object it can grab in order to defend itself and weaken its opponent. In emergency situations, such as when a kaiju becomes too much and it needs to retreat, he will fire a large blast of highly-pressurized water which, while not doing much damage, will send his opponent flying back.

Grappling: Cacocetus will clamps his jaws around his opponent's neck and slash at their chest several times before tossing them aside.

Melee Combat: Cacocetus is skilled in close combat as he will normally try to rapidly slash at them with his multiple claws or bite at them with his sharp teeth. He may also attempt to use his tail to pummel his opponent or charge at them and impale them with his "crest" although he will only attempt these if he feels his opponent is weakened enough. Cacocetus may also attempt to burrow in order to get up close to his opponent or to escape.

Weaknesses: Cacocetus' aquatic origin means that he is highly susceptible to fire-based attacks and dry climate which would dehydrate him. He is also susceptible to electric and corrosive attacks for obvious reasons. Cacocetus takes 1/2 damage from radiation based due to his thick hide protecting him from most of it.

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