Height 100 meters
Weight 40,000 metric tons
Gender Male
Title The Undead Cyborg
Combat Style Ranged
Primary Attacks Bone Claws, Sword, Tail Scythe
Secondary Attacks Teeth, Headbutt
Primary Weapon Eye Beam
Secondary Weapon Missile Launcher, Rocket Boosters
Energy Style Unstable Battery
Creator G&G-Fan


Carcatron is a giant corpse revived with mechanical parts to be used as a military weapon.


Not much is known about Carcatron before he was killed, although it is likely he died in a territorial dispute with another kaiju, before his body fell into the ocean. Eventually, his decaying body washed up onto the shore near Washington D.C., and since a new weapon was needed in humanity's war against the kaiju, the President of the United States approved "The Carcatron Project". Not much of the original kaiju was left, as the right arm was missing, the left arm and right foot had skeletal hands and feet, and the head was a mangled mess. The right arm was replaced with a mechanical arm with a sword, while a mechanical reptile head was built to replace the old one, and they embedded a missile launcher and rocket boosters into it's back. Carcatron is controlled by AI, which cannot be hacked by any known virus, and it's brain is completely replaced with machinery. Carcatron turned out to be a very successful weapon against invading kaiju. But his mission is far from over...

Energy SystemEdit

Carcatron has been programmed to turn pain into energy, which powers his Eye Beams and Attack Boosters. However, his missile launchers run on ammo, so they must be used wisely.

Ranged CombatEdit

Carcatron can fire concentrated blasts of energy from his eyes . He can also fire missiles from his back, which deals the least damage. He can also turn his rocket boosters into weapons and incinerate anyone in front of him or behind him.


Carcatron can deal great damage while grappling, but his corpse body makes it easy for opponents to lift him. His dead body makes him almost immune to pain.

Melee CombatEdit

Carcatron has armor on his chest that protects him from melee combos and beam weapons. His most powerful melee weapon is a titanium sword that replaces his right arm. His left hand is a bone hand with claws, and his right foot is also bone, both of which can be used to attack with little damage. He can also use a boney scythe at the end of his tail that can be used as an effective melee weapon. He also has twin rocket boosters that enable him to run quick, enabling quick headbutts.


Carcatron is more suited to ranged combat, as his melee attacks are quite weak. Although his chest armor protects him from some melee combos, his rotting flesh is extremely vulnerable to damage.

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