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Height: 70 meters

Weight: 45,000 metric tons

Gender: male

Combat Style: Melee

Primary Attacks: Claws, webbed feet, tail

Secondary Attacks: Horn,head fins, back fins

Primary Weapon: Gamma raidioactive beam

Secondary Weapon: Smoke rings

Energy Style: Fury


In the jungle two small sallamander where captured. The sallamanders where scared to death as they where thrown in a cage an put in the back of a truck. hours latter they escaped and roamed a new strange world with metale sqares on wheels and huge sqare mountains (a city). the lizards fall down a sewwer drain and get mutated into two huge lizards. They both fought until one was the winner Cargasaurus roams the world but 2 more kaiju will come (art is almost done for my 2 new Kaiju)

Energy SystemEdit

Cargasaurus is a gamma raidiactive reactor. He can regain energy fast but cannot reggenerate. he varies in beam attacks.

Ranged CombatEdit

Cargasaurus is mainly going to charge and get clost to you. he can punch you or swipe his huge fin at you. He can disapear under water and pull you under. cargasaurus can swim up to great speeds.


Cargasaurus arms are small and do not allow him to grab opponets. once he grabs you he can use his head as support

Melee CombatEdit

If your far away Cargasaurus has many charging technichs. close he can move fast around large opponents


Cargasaurus can dodge projectiles from far away. Close up Cargasaurus cannot dodge. Being small enemies can easily pick him up and throw him very far.


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