Carl the Giant Pizza
[[File:Steve the Giant PizzaCarl the Giant Pizza |210px|]]
Some attributes
First Can drown its opponents in cheese.
Second Shoots pepperoni projectiles from its mouth
Third Incredible physical strength
Other attributes
Carl the Giant Pizza's name is self-explanatory. He is a piece of pizza mutated by radiation and was turned into a Kaiju.


Carl the Giant Pizza was created when a group of workers at a nuclear power plant were having a pizza party. One of the guys, who was not very bright, was full and asked the others if they wanted his slice, and when they declined, he threw the pizza slice in the radioactive waste can, thinking it was a trash can. When the party was over, they went to their normal duties, and inside the radioactive waste bucket, the pizza slice grew and grew and eventually became sentient, and grew legs and arms. The pizza was turned into a Kaiju and went on a rampage through the refinery. As it destroyed buildings, it left a trail of cheese in its path of destruction. The monster was dubbed, "Carl" by a military general, as he ran out of ideas for Kaiju names.

Powers and StatsEdit

Carl has the power to drown its opponents in cheese. Some Kaiju suffocate as they get buried underneath the melted mozzerella. The creature can also jump across long distances like The Hulk. Carl is also capable of shooting sharp pepperoni slices from its mouth that can slice through Kaiju skin. The monster's most powerful weapon however, is in fact its cheese. It leaves a trail of cheese where it leaves it destruction. 

Weight: 10,000 tons

Height: About 90 meters in height.


He is, as his name suggests, a mutated pizza slice.

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