Cerenith preview wiki
Title Horrifying Astronaut Amalgam
Card Series SPN6
Set No. 05
Height 105m
Weight 40,000 tons
Gender Female


Forearm Slam


Moira Kicks


Phantom Limbs


Affiliations Primitive, Alien, Parasite

History Edit

Moira was part of a team on a new orbital space station, and was presumed dead after her tether was cut by space debris.

But Moira did not die - she was found by an alien parasite that fused her body into its central nervous system, and used her memories to travel to Earth. Now Cerenith is here, learning and feasting.

Moira is not quite dead, but only Cerenith is alive.

Combat Style Edit

Cerenith kicks, slams, and flails with all her limbs to fight enemies. Cerenith can manifest solid objects from energy - giving her solid ranged skills, or allowing her to augment her melee combat and defenses.

Card Ability Edit

+1 damage with PUNCH attacks.

At the start of combat, you may select a combat card in your opponent's discard pile to add to your hand until combat ends.

Stats Edit

Ferocity: oooooo--
Agility: ooooo---
Power: ooo-----
Fortitude: oooo----

Attack Types Edit

  • Horns
  • Claws
  • Spikes

Damage Types Edit

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