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Height 80 meters
Weight 50,000 tons
Gender Male
Combat Style Melee
Primary Attacks
Secondary Attacks Teeth, Headbutt
Primary Weapon Sonic Jab
Secondary Weapon Tidal Tail
Energy Style Stanima


Cerizo is an ancient invertabrate resembles a Mantis Shrimp. It has two fake "eyes" to intimidate bigger foes or disorient it's prey. It also attacks the same way with quick jabs that can break through armor easily. Cerizo's main purpose is still unknown, whether it was put on Earth by Extra-terrestrials, a missing specie not yet discovered, or just to terrorize water and air vehicles.


Cerizo is an Ancient invertabrate living in a very large chasm underneath the ocean in the area of the Bermuda Triangle. Cerizo demolishes large ships and airplanes to use their cargo as food. Cerizo also eats whales. It also digs under islands to hide from any creature that spot it.

Energy SystemEdit

Cerizo has not been in a legitimate Kaiju battle, besides fighting squids and whales, but Cerizo has extra stanima kept in his fake eyes. originally it was meant to make the blood flow to make Cerizo more intimidating, but Cerizo can use this to his advantage to access extra stanima...

Ranged CombatEdit

Cerizo's Ranged attacks include a bright purple flame spew from it's mouth. This 'fire' has the ability to paralyze it's prey. Against Kaiju, it's only a temporary paralysis. Thirteen seconds of Paralysis to be exact.


After successfully grappling his enemy, Cerizo spews the poisonous flame on his enemy, then he unleashes a powerful frenzy (3-4 hits) causing great damage

Melee CombatEdit

For a Kaiju new to fighting other Kaiju, Cerizo is reckless, causing him to be even more dangerous in combat. But his recklessness can lead him to danger. Even though his attacks are weak, his swift hits ante-ups his damage when attacking


Cerizo may be an Ancient Kaiju, he certainly isn't invulnerable. When attacking, his hits are dangerous, but his movement speed is his downfull. He is one of the slowest monsters, slithering into battle. Low attacks do major damage towards him considering they are hitting vital areas like his face, chest, etc. Cerizo is also weak towards fire-based attacks.