chamelesaurus is another fan made kaiju made by forum user spyro1101. he is a hybrid dinosaur created to wow dr. jacksons boss.

height: 110 weight: 10,000 tons gender: unknown though said to be male combat style: melee primary attacks: teeth,snake tongue secondary attacks: feet,tail primary weapon: snake venom secondary weapon: snake tongue energy style: stamina

overview: a hybrid dinosaur, chamelesaurus was created to show the world what the could do with genetics. his dna consists of a carnotaurus,a chameleon,a snake,and a fish (hence the scales on his arms and legs). he went through many tests and passed all of them. he eventually broke out and attacked and killed many scientists and dinosaurs. he was captured and put into the monster arena.

origin: in order to come up with something amazing Dr. Jackson was tasked to make something that would wow his boss. he tried everything but nothing happened. he decided to make a dinosaur for his boss. he combined the dna of a chameleon,a carnotaurus,a snake,and a fish. when he presented it to his boss his boss was amazed by his creation. he demanded that he be tested immediately. he was tested with many other dinosaurs but all were lost. the only test record found was him being exposed to a t-rex. but that file was soon lost. chamelesaurus soon broke out of containment and attacked the dinosuars killing most of them. he escaped and attacked civilization. he was captured and put into the monster arena. where he is an excellent fighter. he fits right in with the other monsters. he proved to be an excellent fighter and took out the highest of fighters. he is currently in the finals and who ever wins gets to fight nemesis.

energy system: he gets his energy from other monsters rage grappling: with very long arms he can grab trees and buildings and chuck them at opponents melee combat: he uses his jaws,teeth,feet and tail in a close range fight ranged combat: for ranged combat he uses his snake tongue and uses it like a chameleons tongue to shoot it out at his enemies. weakness: his weaknesses fire and ice

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