Ice lizard kaiju, specifically a Tuatara.


Created after a horrible explosion that occured at a lab in the arctic. The people in the lab were trying to genetically rush evolution from endothermic
animals to exothermic and vice versa. The accident that occurred wiped out the facility along with every living creature, supposedly.

Months later, a horse sized lizard was spotted off of the coast of many cold countries. as time went on the lizard was continuely spotted, yet every time it grew in size. Eventually it became kaiju sized. Luckily the creature is not violent unless provoked, and even then she prefers to run away.


Chillosaurus is very quick and has remarkable ice powers. She's all about quick attacks and massive hit and run blows.

Attacks: mouth ice beam, icicle spine growth from tail back and nose, extremely powerful third eye beam


Chilosaurus's experiments that created her made her neither exothermic nor endothermic, she instead is a creature that lives opposite of all other creatures by thriving and growing with heat being removed. It has been theorized that she would become a truly terrifying creature if she somehow made it into the void of space.

She is relatively intelligent and due to her lack of strength she needs to think, thus so will the player. Shes has no defense or normal attacks, all beam attacks and speed.


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