Height 90 meters
Weight 40,000 metric tons
Gender Female
Title The Frilled Mutation
Combat Style Melee
Primary Attacks Claws, Teeth, Frill Teeth
Secondary Attacks Tail Thagomizers, Spikes
Primary Weapon Solar Beam
Secondary Weapon Tail Beam, Frill Stun Blast
Energy Style Meditation
Creator G&G-Fan


Savrastilio is a Frilled Lizard who was mutated by a nearby nuclear reactor. She has spikes running down her back, thagomizers on her tail like a Stegosaurus, and teeth around her frill to act like a second mouth.


Savrastilio was originally a regular Frilled Lizard whose forest home was cleared away for construction. However, the lizard refused to leave her home, even when a nuclear power plant was built in the area. She soon took up residence in the power plant to avoid the humans that destroyed her home, and the radiation became to mutate her. Months started to pass, and the staff at the plant started disappearing, as they had become meals for the growing reptile. Eventually, the reptile, which was about the size of a large dog, was spotted, and as the humans tried to capture her, she ran away, still afraid of humans. During the chase, she accidentally caused the reactor to overheat and explode, which killed everyone except her, as she grew kaiju-sized from the radiation. With no reason to fear humans anymore, Savrastilio now continues to take her revenge on humans for destroying the environment.

Energy SystemEdit

Savrastilio, as a cold-blooded reptile, must absorb sunlight to regain energy, and as such she has to enter a meditating state to absorb sunlight when she is out of energy. In her meditating state, she is vulnerable to attacks.

Ranged CombatEdit

Savrastilio can expel the sun's energy through her mouth and her tail thagomizers, and she can also release a massive amount of energy from the fake eyes in her frill.


Savrastilio does not have the strength to lift other kaiju, but can cause serious damage while grappling. On the other hand, her light weight makes it easy for other kaiju to lift.

Melee CombatEdit

Savrastilio is deadly at close range, having claws, teeth, and tail thagomizers in her arsenal. She also has teeth around her frill, allowing her frill to function as a second mouth.


Savrastilio is not the best at grappling, as she is nearly incapable of lifting other kaiju above her head and throwing them. Her meditation state also makes her vulnerable to attack.

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