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Height: 110 meters

Weight: 70,000 metric tons

Gender: Genderless

Combat Style: Melee

Primary Attacks: Claws, Drillhead

Secondary Attacks: Feet, Tail

Primary Weapon: Lava Beam

Secondary Weapon: Netherquake

Energy Style: Stamina + Elemental Affinity: Earth


Cthonavore is a monstrous kaiju from the Nether-Earth, a subterranean zone deep beneath the surface of the planet. Feared by the native sentient species as a demon-god, Cthonavore tunnels under the unwary to devour and torment. Its bony collar flaps fold up into a massive drill, allowing the beast to dig through the toughest rocks. Its massive claws can tear through opponents, and its feared Lava Beam can bore through its enemies with the heat of the Earth's molten core.


According to the Incognitonomicon, the entity Cthonavore arrived on Earth from another dimension early in the planet's birth. As the planet cooled and the Nether-Earth formed within its shell, Cthonavore slumbered in a massive pillar for millenia, awaiting the evolution of sentient organisms with which it can enslave and dominate. At some point, a species of early man entered the Nether-Earth from a surface vent, and the sleeping horror saw these nascent hominids as the perfect servitors. Corrupting their primitive minds, the hominids feared and worshiped Cthonavore with zeal.

Millions of years pass, and the humans on the surface invent new technologies that allowed them to pierce the deepest reaches of the crust. Eventually, they stumbled upon the Nether-Earth and began to colonize it. Enraged that its ancient empire is being disrupted, Cthonavore arose to the surface world, with the intent of ravaging and enslaving its inhabitants.

Energy SystemEdit

Cthonavore regains energy over time, and the rate of energy regeneration increases when it remains underground.

Ranged CombatEdit

While Cthonavore is capable of tossing nearby objects, it has a deadly Lava Beam attack which can burn foes into ash. It can also unleash a Netherquake, which can stun opponents long enough for it to get close and attack.


Using its digging prowess, Cthonavore will tunnel under its opponent, then from beneath it will grab and lift with its massive arms while the Drillhead shreds it.

Melee CombatEdit

Cthonavore is extremely dangerous at close range. By burrowing underground, it can get close to opponents without fear of counter-attacks. Its enormous strength and massive claws will tear through opponents with ease, while the Drillhead can pierce them like a spear and deal more damage by boring into the opponent. Its feet can stomp down on lighter opponents with its massive weight. In combination with its superior subterranean speed, it can make continuous hit-and-run attacks as it leaps out of the ground without warning and disappears as quickly as it came.


Cthonavore must execute some of its attacks from the surface, where it is vulnerable. Although its armored hide is a good defense, Cthonavore is much slower while walking. As a being of the underground, it is vulnerable to loud vibrations.

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