Claudandus by daizua123-d7q9g7k
Length 150 meters
Weight 70,000 tons
Gender Male
Combat Style Slash and Dash
Primary Attacks Claws on hands and feet
Secondary Attacks Tail, Bite
Primary Weapon Doom Shot Beam
Secondary Weapon Gill Steam
Energy Style Crystal


Claudandus means "he who must be sealed."  And fitting as this evil Kaiju came to be when an ancient evil sorcerer sealed himself within an organic cocoon while performing a spell.  Claudandus thrives on Kaijunite, a rare mineral which is molecularly unstable and very dangerous to anything organic, even other Kaiju.  This mineral can absorb any organic matter, and Claudandus is immune to it.  In fact, he feeds on the mineral to harness its deadly power.  In the 21st century, Claudandus has awoken to absorb all organic life to become the ultimate lifeform.

Combat StyleEdit

Claudandus has a nasty bite, sharp talons, can deliver powerful kicks, and his long tail ends in a barb.  He is amazingly agile and can strike a blow swiftly like a ninja.


Once he fully absorbs a certain amount of Kaijunite, he must wait two hours or he will implode.


Claudandus is an ancient being formed by a sorcerer attempting to seal crystal with flesh.  The experiment worked, but at a terrible price.  The sorcerer came into contact with Kaijunite and was sealed in a cocoon.  Over time, he absorbed more until he began to change into the beast he is now.


Capable of absorbing organic matter; gills emit intense heat; fires a Doom Shot Beam from mouth, which crystallizes upon contact; barbed tail, teleportation; telekinesis