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Name: Cy-saw

Height: 105 Meters

Weight: 35,000 Robotic tons

Gender: Male

Combat Style: Melee, Pro Wrestling

Primary Attacks: Punches, Kick, Body Slams & Suplexes

Secondary Attacks: Pile-Driver, Drop Kick & Spinning

Primary Weapon(s): Chain-saw (Right Arm)

Secondary Weapon(s) Buzz-saw (Left Arm)

Energy Style: Cyber-Technology

Overview: Cy-saw a giant blue robot with robot arms, robot torso, robot head & real monster legs (wires and circuits to make the legs functional) His head has a badly painted happy smile on it too. His abilities come from all the wrestling moves he scan and copied not to mention his 2 saws; are heated up and ready to go a Buzz-saw on the right arm and a chain-saw on the other (explains why he's called Cy-saw).

Story: Cy-saw was developed and created at a research centre in London to be the best robot fighter with monster legs in Europe. The scientists were testing him to see if he had Brilliant combat skills with his saws and wrestling move that they programmed Cy-saw to scan and copy were 100% fantastic the scientists knew he was ready to compete in robot wrestling tournaments and compete in real combat. One day the scientists took him to the research centre for updates and installs; then that one update caused him to malfunction. Cy-saw felt like he was no longer controlled by his creators he felt like he was his own free machine (AKA Free Man) Cy-saw killed almost every scientist in the research centre and destroyed the entire centre. Now he will kill anyone that is not full machine or cyborg he will not rest until humanity is extinct.

Energy System: When Cy-saw is using his saw he can rams them into his opponents sides and knees them in the chin.

Weapon Combat: Cy-saw causes so much damage with saws that he uses them is so many different ways in combat he can do air attacks, crouch attacks back/front flip attacks, spin attacks and charge attacks

Grappling: Cy-saw can grab his opponent jumps in the air with his opponent uses his buzz-saw to saw his opponent's shoulder then dose a pile driver while he is in the air.

Melee Combat: Besides his saws Cy-saw can use his fists and his monster legs to kicks and drop kicks. His drop kicks are more of strike attack than a regular drop kick however his punches are more slow strike attacks to his opponents.

Weaknesses: While in combat, his speed of running is slow not mention his back is not protected it. Its open for his opponents to hit.

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