Height: 155 Meters 

Weight: 450,000,000 Metric tons

Gender: Male

Combat Style: Slashing, Biting, Tail

Primary Attacks: Slash, Bite, Ram, Chomp

Secondary Attacks: Tail Whip, Tail Spin, Tail stab

Primary Weapon: Mouth

Secondary Weapon: Tail

Energy Style: Stamina


Basically, he's a giant alien Tyrannosaurus with a temper. He's larger than other Kaiju and even stronger & faster, but not quite as tough.


On the planet Zol' Krol, every species is a predator. Evolving faster than other planets down to a science, but instead of getting more sophisticated and gaining sentience, they become better killers. Bigger, tougher, hungrier and angrier. Daedric is the Trex of his homeworld, the ultimate killer that kills and rips into pieces everything in his path. He's the pack leader, the Alpha male, and he's amazingly huge. After a mishap with an intergalactic battle arena and a teleportation spectrum beam, Daedric was accidently transported to earth. Where he wreaks havoc and devours those in his way, even other Kaiju if they piss him off enough.

Energy SystemEdit

Daedric takes some time to regain his Stamina, After ramming way too many times in a row at enemies. If he's winning, he'll go into Rage mode and gain infinite stamina and highly increased speed and strength.

Ranged CombatEdit

Daedric is able to spit out a long and stretchy alien-like tongue, with a snapping mouth on that end that can grab and throw enemies. Depending on how many enemies, the length of the tongue varies.


Like stated above, Daedric's tongue wraps around enemies from a long distance. Dragging them around the arena and adding damage as a result. He can also drain their health and add it to his own when they're standing still.


Daedric is very large, so his overall mass and weight doesn't allow him to jump very high. He also has a very high vulnerability to fire and explosions, causing him to lose health much faster and causing him to back away quickly. A fire based character can beat him quickly with ease.

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