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Name. Deathora Picture. Gender:Female Height:500 ft upright 490 ft hunched over. Length: 800 ft Weight:40,000 tons Combat style: Overpower Primary attacks: Death swipe. Diablo beam Ash. Diablo beam Fire. Diablo beam Toxin. Diablo beam death. Secondary attack: Tail swipe. Blunt kick. Eye blaster. Double slash. Triple kick. Energy style: Stamina Overview. She is the devils creation born for destruction she is powered by the night and has been sent to kill tigora. She will run at the enemy and use as many attacks as possible to stun the enemy and kill them. Origin. She is born from magma and toxins inside of a demons lair the magma and toxins combined and turned a black and purple colors and gained armor a giant monster awoken and took shape from the magma and solidified she was sent to kill tigora and lost but is still out there to kill anything else. Energy System: Deathora must bite opponents and swallow there blood to restore power. Ranged Combat: Deathora shoots beams of different colors Such as black for ash and stuns the opponent, red for fire though does not do extra effects, Blue for toxins and deals 1% of damage every two seconds for a minute after it hits, Death is very dark purple and bright orange and deals 8% of damage each second for a minute after it hits but can only be used ones. Eye blaster is a ball of energy that comes from her abdomen and explodes on contact as well as it being rapidfire. Grappling: Deathora grabs by closing her fingers dealing 25% damage and throwing them though she can only throw up and punch them as well as slamming them on the ground. Melee Combat: Deathora punches slowly but effectively dealing 10% damage at full power. Needs energy to punch at full power. She can also stab and kick with her blunt shields on her legs. Weaknesses:Deathora is completely vulnerable to ice and can get obliterated by electricity.

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