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Deep flat

Image made by Jako_M

Deep Dweller is a fanmade monster created by ZilllaofSumter.


The Deep Dweller is a form of prehistoric fish reptile hybrid that lived in the dark caverns of what is now Marianas trench for millions of years undiscovered undisturbed. On a fateful day a group of marine biologist and scientist made a trech to venture into the trench.They commited this act by creating a submarine called the Deep Dweller. As they ventured down thousands of feet bellow the surface they saw incredible forms of sea life even creatures thought to have been extinct. As the team ventured deeper they encounterd a massive underwater cavern. They entered the pitch black cave . When they entered they heard a noise similar to a whale moan but sounded much bigger making the ship rattle slightly. As they ventured they saw two massive lights. Curious they got closer to the lights which seem similar to the light an agler fish would make only much bigger. The light revealed itself to be a gigantic sea creature looking for prey. The creature attacked the submarine and tore it in two drowning the crew members as they'll never see the light of day again. The creature than made it's way to the surface and attacked several boats near the trench and made haist towards the islands near the trench. Horrified citizens saw the creature approaching the shore. The creature was named after the submarine it attacked the creature was now known as Deep Dweller


Energy System The Deep Dweller regains energy overtime 

Ranged Combat The Deep Dweller can fire a series of beams from the two anglers on his head. The Deep Dweller can also fire a stunning light as well blinding all opponents this however takes more energy. The most powerful attack the Deep Dweller has is his Luminescence beam, a multicolored beam fired from the mouth

Grappling Deep Dweller is an average grappler capable of lifting most opponents but it's better to use grapples only when necessary 

Melee Combat Deep Dweller's claws and teeth are to reckoned with during combat and are very deadly. The Deep Dweller's arm fins are just as potent capable of slashing foes and dealing heavy blows. The padding and tough hide of the Deep Dweller helps reduce physical harm but reduce speed and agility

Weaknesses The Deep Dweller's pads and spines restrict his agility and mobility giving more nimble opponents the upper edge. The Deep Dweller is weak against electrical attacks . Lastly Deep Dweller's armor is more suited for resisting physical attacks rather than ranged attacks 

Personality The Deep Dweller is a loner, he doesn't have any friends nor does he want any which makes him antisocial but when the Deep Dweller has to fight alongside others he just wants it done and over with