Pronounciation:Dough-Kie-Us Faction:Earth Defender Story: A mysterious Earth Defenders on monster island when there is a full moon you can hear his deep bone chilling howl his huge spear is very powerful can even go through Space-Titanium he is species of dog he is the last of his kind and now.........the origins He was a god the god of canines he was tricked by Set to kill Zeus he knew all he needed was Totoken's Lightning spear and he knew just the way to get it. during the night he will pounce Totoken in her sleep and maul her to death then get the spear and worked he later went up to mount olympus and shot zeus of his throne plummiting him to the ground and for his evil sins God weakend him and threw his scraggly remains into Monster Island he realized what he has done and begged for mercy God did it and gave his the power of electricity where he became the 3rd strongest Kaiju in the history of man POWERS: When Fully charged Spear can shoot thin lazer like beam that is able to cut through anything !,Can howl so loudly it throws thing to the ground,can shoot lightining bolt out of hands,and can throw balls of electricity, and can dodge any projectile(Beams,Lazers,Atomic Breath etc.) with his spear WEAKNESS: If you disarm him he is just as hard to kill as any other kaiju, When angred he roars 4 times as powerful as before but if you dodge it you can hit him anywhere GAMEPLAY AS: Play him startegicaly make sure to aim at opponent correctly and if you are disarmed Roar and get them to the ground which then you can weaken The opponent with some electric attacks and then maybe get your spear back also dont Stab opponent unless they are weak enough to kill with a stab or if they are on the ground GAMEPLAY AGAINST: If you are facing Dokious choose a Very armored one or a very fast one, because if you can survive all of Dokious's attack besides the beam your all set but the best is Speed because you can just dodge the beams you could also use magic or technology to ricochet the beam back to Dokious RESISTANCE:Dokious can destroy elementals because his experiance against them he has kill fire water smoke and electric elementals (Poseidon,Italik,Italik, and Zeus))

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