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Dung I
Height: 130 meters

Weight: 80,000 metric tons Gender: male Combat Style: controll combat Primary Attacks: claw hands,claw feet Secondary Attacks: teeth,double tails Primary Weapon: green acid Secondary Weapon: tail beem Energy Style: Parrasitic Overview: Dungi is a huge water bear insect. He is raidioactive and shoots burning acid from his mouth.Dungi has a total of 6 legs.the front part of him stands up straight but th two back ones are on the ground. when firing the beam from his tails the two sets of legs on the front will be on the groun but the back set will be in the air.

Origin: During world war 2 a german nuke was fired at US troops. The nule did not exploed and sat their for 50 years. In 2012 the nuke was half buried in the ground and covered with moss. Water bears (microscopic insects that live on moss) where on the nuke. These little insects can survive pressure,raidiation,and go years with out food. One wandered into the nuke and...BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM.

Energy System: Dungi regaind energy from his food that will last a long long time

Ranged Combat: Dungi has a green acid that stickts to other monsters . The monsters will freeze up and not attack until the acid goes aways. He also has a thin beam shot from his tail. His hands are covered with many spike. Also Dungi does not have knees. Dungi has a mouth that can stick out and expand. His mouth is lined with teeth to clench on kaiju.

Grappling: Grappling... well Dungi can not hoist monsters that well. He does not really have any fingers his arms are also really stuby and gets support from his mouth.

Melee Combat: When you charge at Dungi he willl slash at you. Try to back out but be quick he might lash out with his mouth.Avoid the mouth and try ranged attacks.

Weaknesses: Dungi Is super slow so you can easily run from him. But when Dungi charges he goes quite fast. Dungi can not turn around fast either so flying kaiju can fly over him.

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