Height: 100 Meters

Weight: 46,000 Metric Tons

Gender: Male

Combat Style: Shapeshifting, Martial Arts

Primary Attacks: Punch, Elbow

Secondary Attacks: Head Butt, Kick

Primary Weapon: Hands

Secondary Weapon: Legs

Energy: Stamina


A giant white faceless muscle bound humanoid, but changes during combat depending on the outcome of the fight and the condition it's in.


Evonaut is the ultimate warrior, from an alternate dimension of hyper evolved creatures that constantly change and adapt. Evonaut is a gladiator, traveling to different dimensions and defeating all in his way. Not stopping until he dies.

Energy SystemEdit

Evonaut works off of Stamina, he'll begin to slow down when his meter is too low and he has to wait until it replenishes

Ranged CombatEdit



Evonaut usually puts his enemies into a full Nelson, holding them tight until they get loose. He can throw them behind him, he can throw them in front of him, or he can start to make himself like the opponent he's holding. Starting to gain their coloration, size or anatomy. He gains their strengths and weaknesses. If he does it enough times, he'll pretty much become them (but you'd need to sit their for a few minutes).

Melee CombatEdit

He's basically going to make you change your strategy depending on how you fight him. If you use a lot of Melee attacks on him, he'll start to grow armor. If he can't catch you, his legs will grow longer and more muscular over time. If you use Ranged attacks on him, he'll gain spiky deflective armor all over. Either that, or he'll start to gain your style and strategy of fighting of ranged and Melee attacks.


Fighting two monsters at a time, particularly with conflicting forms of combat, will cause him to get jumbled and his body will start to lose Stamina much quicker. But, it can have both positive and negative consequences. Two awesome monsters will make him into the ultimate killing machine, but two crappy ones will make him this dysfunctional blob of weirdness that couldn't fight for a it's life.