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Height: initially 6ft but for game purposes 30 meters but can transform size to match foe Weight: Gender: Male Combat Style: Melee Primary Attacks: Wudang kung fu Secondary Attacks: Taiji jian Primary Weapon: Qigong Secondary Weapon: Talisman Energy Style: Overview: Feng Sudu is a fusion between the wild speed metal vocalist from America Jason Viper and a wise reserved Daoshi (daoist priest), to create the ultimate hero of Daoism and heavy metal, a grand protector of China. Feng Sudu uses a variety of Daoism based attacks and defenses. For example, when he is in his small form he can use qinggong to fly around, and he can also use qigong for ranged combat, he can also place a talisman on the head on an enemy to keep them petrified for a while(just like what is used on Jiangshi). The headbanger influence from Jason Viper is not lost though, Sudu can let out an ear-shattering falsetto as a sonic attack, and when charging up his special moves a wicked shredding guitar solo can be heard! Origin: Jason Viper was in a popular speed metal band(yeah I'm aware popular and speed metal typically don't go together) and rocked non-stop for 25 years with his band "Warbidden" until it was revealed that he had a massive cocaine problem. After that his musical career was seeming unsteady and his drug use only worsened due to the pressure. Deciding to get away from it all Jason wanted to rehabilitate himself in a foreign country where drugs would not be accessible to him. Jason went to China for a few years and found himself fighting his addiction quite well when he met a wise elderly Daoist priest. The two have built a friendship between eachother and learned of eachother's culture. When the kaiju started to rampage the earth Jason's new friend took him to a secret cave under QingCheng mountain. The Daoshi showed him a glowing orb of power that looked like the yinyang. He told Jason whoever touches this orb can obtain great power and it could be a great way to defeat the kaiju. But he knew he was too strict too old and too calm to take this power by himself, he told Jason if they touch it at the same time that they can fuse together to create a more balanced and powerful entity combining Jason's youth and aggression and his own wisdom and skills of gongfu(kungfu) and exorcism. So they have fused into the new being of Feng Sudu with the goal to restore balance, rid the world of evil kaiju and protect China. Appearance: His clothes mostly looks like what Ching Ying Lam wears in the majority of his films where he plays a Daoist priest, however there is some subtle 1980's(true) metalhead influence in the design and motifs.