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A year after Akaoni disappeared, witnesses reported a "ball of fire" crashed into the waters off the coast of Osaka. Within weeks, a strange fungus started growing throughout the city of Osaka, and hundreds of it's citizens fell ill. The Japanese government created a task force who in turn devised a plan to rid the city of the fungus. Upon beginning the operation, a giant mushroom sprouted within the Umeda Sky Building and began emitting a large cloud of deadly spores. The task force commanded fighter jets to destroy the colossal mushroom, codenamed Fungiru, but before they arrived, a gigantic monster emerged from the sea and began destroying the city, ultimately luring the pilots away from Fungiru and destroying them in the process. The monster stayed and defended the mushroom, while the task force researched and studied the duo. They arrived at the conclusion that Fungiru was actually an intelligent being and communicated with the monster. It was also concluded that the monster was the source of Fungiru's spread, dubbing it Carrier Zero. Carrier Zero stopped all of the task forces plans of destroying Fungiru and Osaka was theirs for the taking. It seemed all hope was lost, until the Earth began to quake once again...

Fungiru Height: 150 meters + Weight: N/A

Carrier Zero Height: 105 Meters at eye level Weight: 48,000 metric tons Gender: Female

Fungiru is immobile as the player/cpu controls Carrier Zero. She plays like Spacegodzilla in the old Atari games, "summoning" Fungiru in battle, and as long as she's close to both of the mushrooms, she's virtually impervious to attack. Carrier Zero is melee fighter with bits of charging attacks. Fungiru uses ranged attacks of floating spores which poison the opponent(s).

The opponent must keep Carrier Zero away from Fungiru or destroy the Fungiru to continue to chip away at Carrier Zero's health.

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