Genericsaurus Rex
Dull dino
Height 60 meters
Weight 55,000 tons
Gender Male
Title The Epitome of Bland
Combat Style Melee
Primary Attacks Bite, fire breathe
Secondary Attacks Scratch, Kicks, Tail Whack
Primary Weapon Mouth
Secondary Weapon Tiny hands.
Energy Style Elemental Affinity: Fire, Genericness


A fire breathing t-rex. Enough said.


After a nuclear testing, an animal turned into a T-Rex that breathes fire. Then it was frozen in an iceburg, came out striking vengeance on humanity. Scientists tried to mind controlled it but failed. Than it fell into a pit of acid and than mutated again. It is in pain and now wants revenge on humanity. It probably won't have a happy ending cuz you know, Kaiju.

Energy SystemEdit

Regains energy over time.

Ranged CombatEdit

Breathes Fire.


Picks opponents up and throws them.

Melee CombatEdit

Fire bites which are strong, kicks, and scratches.


Very slow.

Other StatsEdit

  • Length: 90 meters
  • Width: 20 meters

External LinksEdit

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