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Height: 79M

Weight: 2.005 TONS

Gender: Male

Combat Style: Mexican "Lucha Libre".

Primary Attacks: Patriotic Punch , a Giant Machete on his Right Arm

Secondary Attacks: Kicks, Punches, Rocket blows (On His Left Arm)

Primary Weapon: Does not exist

Secondary Weapon: Rocket Launcher on his Chest.(He hardly uses his Rockets)

Energy Style: Nuclear Turbine (Inside of Him, so he can Regenerate his Energy with the Time.)


The Child of Mexican and Russian Technology!, A giant Robot from another World, Comes to the Earth to protect It from the Growning Kaiju Threat!.


One Day in the not-so-distant Future, a Giant robot from another Galaxy appeared on the coasts of the Gulf of Mexico, a Team of Mexican Engineers decided bring the robot to the Federal District and repair it, by the growing kaiju threat, The only Choice of Mexico was Ask Help from the Russians, The Russians took charge to repair and improve Him a little (a lOT!) and the Mexicans Asked to put an Giant Machete on His Right Arm. Back to Mexico a young man (a 17 Years Old Actually) asked to name the robot "Gilbertron", Gilbertron was the only Mecha Unit available to protect Mexico (Gilbertron is semi-intelligent, still do not know if He have any kind of "Brain"), After Years of being in service in the Last Day of Gilbetron On Duty, A Galactic Vortex sucked Gilbetron to Another Galaxy!, leaving Mexico vulnerable for Kaiju Attacks, by a Series of More Vortexs Gilbertron Ends in the Kaiju Championship.



Energy SystemEdit

His main Energy System is a Nuclear Turbine (Inside of Him.), so He can regenerate his Energy over Time. (but He also works Well with Oil for Tacos)

Ranged CombatEdit

Gilbertron have a Rocket Launcher on His Chest. (He hardly uses his Rockets)


Normally Gilbertron Uses mostly His "Lucha Libre" style to Grab his Rivals.

Melee CombatEdit

Gilbertron Is Extremely effective in Melee Combat, He uses the "Lucha Libre" Style. (Mixed with his Machete.)


He is a Regular Mecha Unit, So he have the same skills (and Weaknesses) of a standard mecha.

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