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God-Jeff is an up-for-sponsorship Kaiju created by Wolfenmaus!


Name: God-Jeff

Height: 80 meters

Weight: 50,000 metric tons

Gender: Male

Combat Style: Melee

Primary Attacks: Thunderbolt, Fire Spit

Secondary Attacks: Hay-maker,

Slash Primary Weapon: Large Blade, Electricity Manipulation

Secondary Weapon: Fists

Energy Style: Fury

Overview & OriginEdit

Overview: God-Jeff is a killer mutated by absorbed energy from Slenderbeings. He is a tank type fighter that can fire fireballs and throw bolts of electricity. He is an immature, murderous psychopath.

Origin: Jeff was a teen who had, due to events in his childhood, become a serial killer. Throughout his travels, he killed many to sustain an urge for blood and destruction. Eventually, he came upon a race known as the "Slenderbeings", and, upon killing them, absorbed their power, becoming an all-powerful kaiju!

Appearance: God-Jeff is a large humanoid reptile with pale white skin-scales, along with remaining shaggy dark fur on his head. He is incredibly muscular due to his new power. He wields an impossibly large "knife", accompanied by an extremely wide, sinister smile.


Energy System: God-Jeff gains energy by dealing damage to his enemy, or staying back and letting it regenerate.

Ranged Combat: God-Jeff can hurl lightning bolts materialized from thin air, or spew fireballs at the enemy.

Grappling: God-Jeff prefers to strike and pummel the enemy, so he isn't very skilled at grappling. However, due to his intense strength, it is extremely hard to get out of his grip.

Melee Combat: God-Jeff LOVES melee, and WILL fight dirty, using everything in his arsenal to decimate the enemy. However, he is extremely slow, so maneuverability is key in fighting him.

Weaknesses: God-Jeff is immature, slow, and easy to anger. His ranged attacks are limited, and his close attacks are sloppy, making them somewhat easy to avoid.

God-Jeff is made by one of Cosbydaf's friends from Bogleech, Furbearingbrick!