Henkeishita by woodzilla
Height 70 meters
Weight 30,000 metric tons
Gender Male
Title The Deformed Baby Kaiju
Combat Style Melee/Ranged
Primary Attacks Oversized Claws, Venomous Bites
Secondary Attacks Twin Tail Blades
Primary Weapon Acid Spray
Secondary Weapon Sonic Cry
Energy Style Stamina
Creator G&G-Fan


Henkeishita is a deformed baby kaiju who was forced to live alone as an orphan. He eventually found his father, Carcatron, and a father-son team was born.


Deformity happens rarely, but to all species, and kaiju are not an exception. Henkeishita hatched in the Japanese wilderness and was born deformed, with his left arm so big he has to drag it around, while the right arm is shriveled up and useless, and he has two tails instead of one. However, despite his deformity, his mother treated him just like her other hatchlings. But one fateful day, a ferocious kaiju came from space and, after a long and brutal fight, killed Henkeishita's mother and began hunting his siblings. The deformed kaiju was able to hide from the predator. As he wandered around Japan, many people ran from him in fear and the press named him Henkeishita, which is a slight edit of the Japanese word for "deformed". While still a toddler, Henkeishita taught himself how to swim and wreaked havok across the world, taking revenge on the world for his deformity and bad luck. However, all he really wants is a parent to raise him and one that would care for him despite his deformity. After much searching, he found out that the only remaining member of his family was killed and turned into the undead cyborg Carcatron. However, Carcatron's computer brain prevented any of the original kaiju's memories from emerging, meaning Carcatron did not recognize his former son and Carcatron nearly killed him the first time they met. Eventually, Carcatron's creators took pity on the deformed kaiju, and after months of reprogramming, they allowed Carcatron to recognize Henkeishita as an ally, and the father-son team was born.

Energy SystemEdit

Henkeishita regains energy over time.

Ranged CombatEdit

Henkeishita's species have special glands allowing them to shoot acid that burns through metal as easily as flesh. He can also use a Sonic Shriek to stun enemies.


Henkeishita is horrible at grappling with only one functional arm, and he already struggles to drag it around.

Melee CombatEdit

Henkeishita can slash at enemies with the oversized claws on his left arm, and he has venom glands allowing for a venomous bite. His most powerful melee weapon are his twin tails. Each tail has a scythe-like blade at the end, ideal for stabbing opponents.


Henkeishita is just a youngster, meaning he is an extremely inexperienced fighter, and many of his melee weapons do not deal much damage. He is extremely fragile and lacks armor to protect himself from attack. He is also very used to fighting alongside his father, meaning he is not very experienced in solo combat.

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