Height 100 meters
Weight 64,000 metric tons
Gender Male
Title Defender Down Under
Combat Style Grappling
Primary Attacks Kick, Throw
Secondary Attacks Elbow strike, Jiujitsu grappling!
Primary Weapon
Secondary Weapon Shoulder Blast
Energy Style Stamina


Hermatis was a Robot deployed for Australian coasts to attack any other kaiju. But sometimes he is deployed on special missions to different countries such as Iceland, Mexico and Norway!


After a seires of attacks from an unknown beast living in the depths. The Australian government deployed millions to create HERMATIS! He was deployed and fought many shoreline kaiju! But there's something no kaiju was expecting. A Gatling gun! His should has a complex latch which can latch to any weapon Australia wants. The most common ones being two huge blades, One Gatling gun or Rocket launchers. But once in a while he gets the GJET2500 A rare billion dollar project made to shoot out Godzilla's atomic breath obliterating any enemy! (In the drawing it shows him with a trident but i threw out that idea).He also has a very unique thing about him, his fins are made out of glass! each fin has a light lavender mist in them same with the thing on his shoulder

Energy SystemEdit

Hermatis runs on batteries that are solar charged. Ranged Combat: Hermatis can shoot wrist flamethrowers, A blue beam identical to MG2's eye beam,A flamethrower on his tail that shoots jet flames! And a big blast from his shoulder identical to MG2'S Belly blast!


Hermatis has Jiu jitsu grappling powers that were installed into the hard drive making him a excellent grappler!

Melee CombatEdit

Hermatis is very good at brutal up close moves like Elbow strike,Punch and a brutal Kick! Weaknesses: Hermatis's Midsection allows for better movement but also is a huge weakness to him! A few strikes there will severely damage him!

Animation GuidelinesEdit

  • Personality: Hermatis is a no joke kaiju, he is quick and delivers his attacks as quickly as possible, he also is smart and Heroic making him turn the tides quickly!
  • Combat Focus: As i said before Hermatis is quick and agile but he also delivers brutal hits!
  • Special Considerations: If you do decide to include the Gatling gun on his shoulders it has to be able to attach and detach. And if possible you need to make the mist in his fins and shoulders.

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