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Title: The artifact Height: 70 meters

Weight: 30,000 tons


Origin: Residing in the Draco constellation, the Bloodstone Star served as a nexus point for the sands of time throughout the multiverse. On the Bloodstone Star lived trillions of mercury-based organisms called the metallites which organized the sands of time. One metallite by the name Heta was organizing his portion of time when a corruption from an entity called the Dark Philosopher Knight gave him a black ring. The ring placed Heta under the vile fiend's control and forced him to slay every member of his species with the only survivor being Digamma. By command of the Dark Philosopher Knight, Heta used the protective electromagnetic cloud around the Bloodstone Star to form a giant metallic celestial body that replicated countless entities around the space-time continuum. Eventually the mechanized Bloodstone Star became so advanced that even black holes and gamma bursts could not stop it. Heta was to take on the name "The Architect" for his impeccable advances in his creations. Now Heta seeks to discover what the Dark Philosopher Knight refers to as the "Kaiju Code", a genetic, technological, and energetic hybrid map of all things kaiju. Heta was given a new body for combat, armed with the legendary Magnavox Light Gun and the Ring of Darkness, designed to fight and analyze all kaiju throughout the multiverse so he may unravel the code. Upon fully mapping the Kaiju Code he can end any and all kaiju with absolute impunity if Digamma cannot free him first.

PA: Gargantuan hammer, chaotic mace SA: Flying sickles, rain of daggers PW: Antimatter barrage, torpedo cluster SW: Magnavox Light Gun*

  • Only weapon not a construct of the Ring of Darkness

Energy System: Cosmic Affinity

Combat Style: Ranged

Ranged Combat: Heta can fire black cosmic energy from the Ring of Darkness on his right ring finger as his main attack. For his second attack he is equipped with the Magnavox Light Gun, a rifle of ancient celestial legend strong enough to, depending on the setting, nullify nearly anything its ray is unleashed on with destructive recoil if the wielder is not careful. At maximum power it can destroy structures as large as the Virgo Galaxy.

Grappling: Heta can use the Ring of Darkness to grab and throw kaiju of any weight effortlessly at the cost of energy.

Melee Combat: Heta can use the Ring of Darkness to emit dark energy constructs of blunt and edged instruments in melee combat. Heta can also erect a sphere barrier from the ring to block at the cost of energy. Heta can levitate to gain a positional advantage over his opponents.

Weaknesses: Heta is very weak in melee combat and has below average defense and speed. His light weight makes him very prone to grapple attacks, more so than most kaiju. It also takes him a long time to regain energy.

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