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Height: 75 Meters (from ground to top of "head", including empty hovering space) Weight: 30 000 tons Gender: Multiple individuals, mostly but not exclusively female. Combat style: Melee/ranged Primary weapon: Stinger arm Secondary: Bee swarm, Shoulder-mounted Honeycomb Cannons, Arm Honey Cannon Energy type : Stamina

Overview: Hivemind is a giant swarm of bees structured around their hive that they carry in the air. They roam Earth, constantly seeking for the resources needed to sustain their extremely imposing numbers and queen.

Origin: Due to various disturbances in nature leading to the colony collapse disorder, bees were dying faster than they could reproduce. However, a recent palaeontologists expedition dug up an ancient amber containing the queen of a prehistoric bee species named Apoideus. The queen was intact with its DNA structure complete. Naturally, an idea came across. Cloning this resistant ancient species to circumvent the drastic recent loss in bee population. At first everything seemed perfect, as the Apoideus species easily integrated into the existing bee population and increased its breeding rate, making the bees population steadily grow back. However the scientists in charge made a mistake. By treating the Apoideus as normal bees, they unconsciously let a queen out into the wild. She quickly established a hive, soon to be known as the biggest hive in recorded history. As the Apoideus swarm physically grew bigger, so did its needs. With its lust for resources, the Hivemind was born and rapidly rampaging.

Energy System: Whenever bees need energy, they eat a little pollen. This is a very minor inconvenience, because plant life isn't a rarity. They are also powered by the will to serve the queen.

Ranged Combat: Hivemind can fire honey bombs from its hand hive-cannon, leaving the foe coated in sweet gelatinous honey which effectively slows them, It can shoot beam-like streams of bees from its shoulder honeycomb canons as well. A swarming ball of bees can also fired from the middle of the body, exploding on impact and causing damage over time.

Grappling: Hivemind can hold its opponent the same way it holds itself, by swarming all around it.

Melee Combat: The stinger on Hivemind's arm slashes and pierces, and uses its abdomen impact for blunt damage. The hand cannon doubles as a blunt weapon as well.

Weaknesses: As far as damage types are concerned, fire and cold are both extremely damaging to the bees, explosions also tends to disperse the swarm.