Insectra is a kaiju created by an insane evil bad mean evil Russia evil terrorist who wants to takeover the world. Insectra kills its creators as the creature attacks highly populated cities.


Insectra has a insect head, insect arms, insect legs, and a dinosaur body.


Insectra was created from several DNA samples of some insects and dinosaurs. After Insectra was born, it went on a rampage throughout the entire world. Even it's creators were killed by their own creation as Insectra attacks Russia, Japan, France, Thailand, China, and various states in America. When it attacks New York, the military uses a spray that is only harmful to Insectra and killing the monster. At some point, Nemesis had revive Insectra, and 5 other Kaiju to start a war between humans and Kaiju.


  • Burrowing - Insectra burrows through underground faster than a mole.
  • Cocooning - Insectra can trap opponents by spitting a web like substance from its mouth.
  • Claw attack - Insectra using his own claw as a defense against enemies.

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