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Nemesis Prime

This Kaiju is a Kaiju that cannot get into CKC due to it altering the established lore, being an illegal crossover with another pre-established trademark, being plagiarism, or just inappropriate for the target audience(s). Thus this page can be deleted more lightly than others.

Height 68 meters
Weight 48,000 metric tons
Gender Male
Combat Style Unknown
Primary Attacks Eye beam,Kick
Secondary Attacks Wind knockdown
Primary Weapon Eye beam
Secondary Weapon Beak
Energy Style Regeneration


A mysterious Kaiju that came from Monster Island since he is rarely seen not there people know very little of him


Nobody knows the origin, but where ever he came from, he sure did help Godzilla. One race of aliens known as the Vortex(a branch of the vortaak) build a spaceship. And came to earth with the space ship which was created to make a hole in the space-time continuum to bring back all Ghidorah's that ever existed! And a new Ghidorah known as Ghidorah X! Godzilla and the other earth defenders were attacking as many as possible but they needed help. Godzilla went alone without the others to look for more Ghidorah's And Ital came down and Godzilla though it was another Vortex kaiju so he grabbed the poor kaiju's wings and tore both his wings off and threw the near dead body into a skyscraper thinking Ital was dead. But he wasn't and after he regenerated he flew up and looked for Godzilla and saw a Ghidorah creeping behind Godzilla and tackled Ghidorah and proceeded to kill him there by earning Godzilla's trust.

Energy SystemEdit


Ranged CombatEdit

Ital can shoot out a beam/ray out of his eyes causing his eyes to grow a bright blue! Grappling: Ital is light so he can be easily picked up. As for his own grappling he flies up to use his talons that can pick up to kaiju up to 60,000 tons

Melee CombatEdit

He is a very strong kicker! And his powerful Talons rip through flesh very easy! Also his beak is very sharp he's also very agile Weaknesses: He's light so he can get thrown and punched with a big effect on him but he's also very quick so trying to hit him is a challenge and also when he is in the air you can grab his legs and slam him back down

Animation GuidelinesEdit

  • Personality: Ital is agile and mysterious. Not much is known about his personality
  • Combat Focus: Ital needs to watch out for heavy kaiju. Or kaiju who have a hard hit! But in the air his Talons and eye beams are his main focus. On land he needs to kick alot!

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