This article is under construction to remove strange and out of place things like that crocodile and replace it with something better or to add information. So don't delete it if a stub until two months from now. That was some baad grammar.

Height: 100 meters (on all fours) 159 meters (on two legs) Weight: 15,800 metric tons Gender: Male Combat Style: Melee Primary Attacks: Hand Claws, Biting Secondary Attacks: tongue whip Primary Weapon: Neuron beam Secondary Weapon:Hallucinogenic gas Energy Style: Origin: *scratches head* Um yeah, this thing...Juaz-Van-Juaz is a kaiju named after his fathers Brent Juaz and Tyler VanOslen. Brent Juaz was an eccentric artist who had discovered he had a brain tumor. Since Brent could not afford normal surgery for the removal of the tumor he went under an experimental operation with his friend Tyler VanOslen. The experiment would have the tumor slowly surface out of the head and after it phased it's way to the outside it'd simply fall off. The operation was a complete success, except for the horrific side effect, due to the chemicals the tumor was exposed to for the operation it became sentient and continued to grow! It's whip like tongue would pierce people's skulls and feed off their brains, not only making itself grow larger and more powerful, but also turning the human into a brainless zombie! Can the other kaiju stop this brain eating living cancer?

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